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What is the Refund Policy + Return Policy?

ALL ORDERS are final. All cases will be advised, however if your credit card is used without your knowing, that is NOT reason for a refund. Again, we will look into all cases, but absolute no guarantees. We are processing and packaging orders all day, everyday. Most of the time, shipping labels are printed within the first few hours of ordering. Therefore, the order is no longer refundable as we have already begun the packaging process. 

All orders are final, returns will not be accepted.

We will find a way to best accommodate you! We GET it, things happen. 

My slime is melted how do I care for it? 

Slime is a glue based product and WILL melt over time. However, all orders come with activator + instructions on how to care for your slime. 

Looking for a slime that WONT melt?

Choose CLOUD Slime! This type of slime is great for slime enthusiasts of all skill level and it won't melt! Search for "cloud slime" on the website

When are restocks?

EVERY Saturday at 12pm EST, new slimes will be added to the website. Set an alarm to make sure you have first choice on the latest and greatest slimes!