Yellow to Orange Dough Stress Ball
Yellow to Orange Dough Stress Ball

Yellow to Orange Dough Stress Ball

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Yellow to Orange Dough Stress Ball (Nee-doh dupe)

  • 💕【Changing Stretchy Balls】Stress balls with bright color, when squeezes, it will display a surprise color changing effect. Squeeze them, bounce them, pull them all you want and create fun shapes with these malleable balls.
  • 💕【Stress Relief & Funny Exercising】These stress relief balls help alleviate stress and anxiety in children and adults. Enjoyable relaxation aid, they can help people with autism and ADHD. It is also good for strengthening hand, wrist forearm muscles, and ideal for rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • 💕【Sensory Toy for Anxiety】Fun sensory fidget toy for kids and teens with autism, ADD, OCD and ADHD. Fruit stress ball that relieves stress by squeezing, pulling, squishing and smashing it. Great for reducing stress.
  • 💕【Lightweight and Portable & Wide Use】The small size and makes it easy on the hands and can be placed around the house, in the kids' bedroom, living room, office, and can be brought to school or while traveling. Place it in your bag and carry it anywhere. It's sharable between siblings, friends, and officemates.
  • 💕【 Perfectly Meet All Needs】: This hand-size ball will put a smile on your face and help you get rid of stress. Use it for active indoor recreation to cut down on screen time. These autism toys are also great for kids with ADD or ADHD and people with OCD or high stress/anxiety level. This is a cool toy that can be played with to kill time, vent emotions and fidgeting.