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Sugar Candy Fairy Slime

Sugar Candy Fairy Slime

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Introducing Sugar Candy Fairy Slime - the perfect combination of sweet and satisfying slime fun! This slime has a unique bingsu texture, inspired by the popular Korean shaved ice dessert. It's soft and fluffy, with a creamy and dreamy consistency that's just begging to be played with.

But the fun doesn't stop there - Sugar Candy Fairy Slime is also packed with colorful sprinkles and shimmery glitter, giving it a playful and magical touch. As you stretch and squeeze it, the sprinkles and glitter will swirl and sparkle, making it a mesmerizing sensory experience.

Not only is Sugar Candy Fairy Slime fun to play with, it's also a great stress-reliever and mindfulness tool. Its soothing and calming properties can help you relax and unwind after a long day. Plus, its sweet scent will transport you to a land of sugary delights and fairy-tale fantasies.

So why wait? Add a little magic to your life with Sugar Candy Fairy Slime!

6oz Slime

Scent: This is such a fun fragrance oil! You will love this frivolous scent! Sweet and tart and totally fabulous. Sweet, ripe honeydew, hints of kiwi and mandarin. Watermelon and cherry notes with the tiniest hint of cassis bring out the full-bodied middle notes with a sugared musk bottom note with a shot of tart apricot.

Texture: Bingsu

All slimes come with 1 activator pen in case the slime is sticky and needing some activation! 

WARNING: This product, SLIME, is NOT EDIBLE.

Please keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest or get in eyes. In case of accidental ingestion or contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical attention if necessary.

Shop Nichole Jacklyne LLC will not be held liable for any damages caused by the use of this product. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge and accept that the use of this product is at your own risk.


All of our slimes have a mix of glue, clay, borax, scent, pigment, gel color, lotion, snow, glycerin, clear glue, white glue, and other ingredients!

How to use

The best practice for playing with slime is to keep it on a non-porous surface, such as a plastic tray or plate, to prevent it from sticking to surfaces and making a mess. It is also important to wash your hands before and after playing with the slime to keep it clean and free of debris. Additionally, it is recommended to not put slime in your mouth or ingest it, as it is not intended for consumption and can be harmful if ingested. When you're done playing, store it in a airtight container to prevent drying out.

Q: "My slime is melted or stiff..."

A: Melted slime can be fixed by adding a small amount of activator solution, such as borax or contact lens solution, to the slime and stirring it well. The activator solution will help the slime to harden and regain its original texture.

If your slime has become hard, you can try adding a small amount of lotion or hand sanitizer to it and kneading it until it becomes soft again. You can also try heating the slime gently in the microwave for a few seconds, then stirring it well to help it become soft again.

If your slime has become ruined, it may not be possible to fix it. In this case, you can try starting over with a new batch of slime using the proper ingredients and following the instructions carefully.

To prevent slime from melting or becoming hard, be sure to store it in an airtight container and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures. It's also important to follow the recipe and use the correct amounts of ingredients to ensure that the slime turns out correctly.


We ship our FIDGETS using a provider called ShipBob!

All of our homemade slimes are handmade and hand shipped by us! Please see processing time a the top of the store page :)

Please be patient as we are a small business striving to get orders out as fast as possible and with love + care.

Return policy

At Shop Nichole Jacklyne, we do not offer refunds for returns. However, we do offer store credit for returns. If you would like to make a return, there is a $15 restocking fee that will be deducted from your store credit. This fee helps cover the costs associated with processing and restocking the returned item.

Order Issues or Questions?

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if you want to purchase additonal activator pens with your order, buy them HERE

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